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How Do You Do

Feb 21, 2019

In Episode 1 we talked with Erin Kahn about making new friends as a military spouse. Now we are talking about putting yourself out there in another way, as a freelance professional. I'm talking with three freelancers about getting gigs, balancing work and life, and taking off your pants before interviews. You'll just have to listen to find out what that is all about. 

Also! We have a bonus reel. As the episode preparations came to a close, I thought of one more person to add to the mix.

Katie Schwarz is a graphic designer, brand strategist, and the creator of Brand Personality Blueprint. She works with entrepreneurs and brands to find the “Why” behind their business and build that message into beautiful design and messaging elements. She has been in the graphic design business for more than a decade, and developed her own brand and Brand Personality Blueprint while raising two small kids and embracing life as a military spouse.

We met at a military spouse mixer and immediately connected, mainly as marketing geeks, and I was struck by her pluck, business story, and her entrepreneurial spirit. 

Watch the bonus reel on YouTube here.